Origin of wood

Worth knowing


Wood is our most important raw material.

In the production of the wood-based materials for our furniture, we rely exclusively on uncontaminated, fresh weak and storm wood from local, sustainable forestry operations.

What is weak, storm and residual wood?

Thinning, weak and storm damaged timber


Timber damaged by storms and small-diameter logs that cannot be used in the local sawmill industry.



Outer sections of a log that are produced when sawing to sawn timber. These production residues are further processed into wood chips.

Wood chips


Thinning, weak and storm-damaged wood as well as slabs are chopped into wood chips with chippers and then used in the production of our wood-based materials.

What does fresh and uncontaminated mean?

Only fresh and uncontaminated wood is used in the chipboard. For this reason, the chipboard is also called fresh wood chipboard. This means that no recycled waste wood is used in the chipboard itself. Instead, this is utilised in the energy generation process.

How does rauch stand up for native forests?

In recent years, our local forests, including those in our region, have been severely weakened by external influences. This is precisely why the health of our local forests and their sustainable existence are so important to us.

We want to actively support the adaptation of our forests to climate change through targeted measures such as a reforestation programme.