As early as 1978, Günther, Heinz and Wendelin Rauch had the idea of creating their own museum to show the development of furniture against the background of the company's history from 1897 to the present day:

General aesthetic development of a cultural area, home and living, furniture history, history of the company as an example of the furniture industry. The result is not an art museum or a museum of arts and crafts, but a history museum.

"Present and past" was the brief.

The central messages are:

  1. From decorative style to orthogonality
  2. Generational succession determines continuity
  3. Machine technology enables markets and quantities

summarised under the motto:

Origin, present and future.

As a family business with a long tradition, we are happy to honour our region and location. We are now demonstrating this commitment in our museum, in which we combine the history of the Rauch company with the history of furniture to create a fascinating journey through four generations of Rauch history.

The Rauch company has recognised that history, i.e. company history, is not nostalgia, but a material from which credibility and competence can be gained and communicated.

Company history serves as an internal means of identification;
an important aspect, especially in a phase in which more and more employees are joining the company from outside for reasons of growth and mobility. Shared history creates identity, solidarity and pride. For this reason alone, it makes sense and is useful to communicate tradition.

This museum is a stringently conceived composition of messages, a display and information space on the history of furniture manufacture, not in a linear enumeration, not as an octroant series of teaching aids, but set up like a bazaar for individual, different perceptions.

The entire presentation has a well-considered didactic structure:

IntroductionHistory of the furniture
1st sequenceTurning point in style - foundation of the company. Start of the company
2nd sequenceContinuity - 3 bedrooms as an example
3rd sequenceMachine technology - carpentry technology around 1930
4th sequenceWood joints then and now and at the same time securing the future (work in the training workshop)
5th sequenceFurniture - cabinets, chairs Variety in a short selection
6th sequenceMaterial and technology. Tree -- Material -- Factory -- Furniture
7th sequenceHistory of the company. Rauch in four generations

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