100% – made in Germany

rauch possibility


From the heart of Germany.

From the raw material to the design and product development to the final product, all rauch furniture is 100% - made in Germany - and has been since 1897.


Because for us, "Made in Germany" is not just a designation of origin, but rather a commitment to quality and a matter close to our hearts. We have always manufactured our furniture in Germany using state-of-the-art technologies, extensive experience and a great deal of passion.

We help our customers to make their lives and living more sustainable: less consumption through high-quality and durable furniture.


3 production sites

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In Freudenberg am Main, Bürgstadt and Mastershausen, the excellent rauch furniture is created from this - from design to product development to the finished end product.


Learn more about our wood origin here ...

"We remain loyal to Germany as a location! As the largest market for furniture and with a central location in our main sales region of Europe, Germany is and remains a very attractive production location for us. In addition, the excellent infrastructure, the high productivity and, above all, the excellent know-how of our employees are further significant advantages that speak for the location Germany". - Rainer Hribar, CEO at rauch

At home in Germany - connected to Europe


We purchase responsibly and place particular emphasis on short distances and efficient logistics - within our group of companies as well as in our cooperation with our business partners:

  • 80% of our suppliers of manufacturing materials (such as screws, dowels, fabrics, etc.).
  • 99% of our suppliers of indirect materials (such as services, office supplies, etc.) come from Germany.



Through close cooperation with local partners, we achieve fast, resource-saving and transparent purchasing processes. In this way, we ensure the required quality for each of our products.

Our production sites are centrally located in Germany and thus also centrally located in our main sales region of Europe. With a high level of customer service, we are close to our customers - the furniture trade.

Compliance with the highest standards


The "Made in Germany" designation of origin guarantees not only production in Germany, but also compliance with the legal requirements that apply here: from the quality of the raw materials, to environmental requirements, to occupational safety, to fair compensation for employees. In short: no illegal logging, no overexploitation, no exploitation, no child labor.