Dear Customer,

Congratulations on purchasing a piece of Rauch furniture. All Rauch products are "made in Germany" using high-quality wood-based materials and environmentally friendly processes. The high quality of Rauch furniture has been confirmed by independent testing institutes. Please observe the assembly instructions. Follow the individual steps precisely. Take care when opening the packaging and check to ensure that nothing is missing. Do not destroy or dispose of the packaging before you are certain that you have all the pieces required for assembly.

When unpacking the furniture, ensure small parts are kept out of the reach of children, in order to avoid the risk of swallowing. To avoid asphyxiation, keep the plastic film out of reach of babies and children.

Wall assembly/fixing:

If the furniture is to be fixed to the wall (see assembly instructions), you must check that the bearing capacity of the wall is sufficient prior to assembly. Please also take into account any power lines or water pipelines. The fixing material which is supplied for assembly to the wall is only suitable for solid brickwork. Other fixing materials must be used for other types of walls.

Load information:

The maximum permissible loads which may be placed on our shelves, drawers, clothes rails, etc., depend on the material used (wood, metal, etc.). We provide a load table for download, where you can see the relevant maximum permissible load.

Electrical components:

All electrical components are checked by our suppliers as regards usage and operation and thus meet the established EU requirements (CE, VDE, etc.). When changing lamps please do not exceed the maximum given wattage. Do not cover lamps and ensure that heat is not allowed to build up.


Beds must be assembled on a flat surface otherwise functionality may be impaired and the furniture may creak. After adjusting the bed, the base feet must be raised off the floor and returned to their original position before being positioned stabily anew.


A damp, lint-free cotton cloth is all that is needed to clean the surfaces of the furniture. Once cleaned, always wipe the surfaces dry.

Important Information

Your piece of Rauch furniture is solely designed for use in compliance with its intended purpose in private residences (heated rooms walled on all sides). Defects resulting from improper handling affect the statutory warranty:

  1. Faulty transportation or incorrect unpacking
  2. Incorrect or faulty assembly/disassembly of the parts
  3. Unsuitable attempts at cleaning or improvement
  4. Placing of wet or sharp-edged objects on the surfaces
  5. Extremely low or high humidity
  6. Wear due to excessive or incorrect use


  • Wear due to excessive or improper use (e.g. hanging articles of clothing on doors, drawers or handles)
  • Commercial use outside private areas
  • Damage resulting from improper transportation, delivery, assembly or disassembly
  • Damage caused by pointed or sharp-edged objects (such as knives) which may be used when unpacking the goods
  • Improper exposure to dampness, liquid or unsuitable cleaning agents
  • Environmental effects such as extreme dryness/air humidity, light and temperatures
  • Overloading of floors, wall cupboards or shelves beyond the permissible upper weight limits
  • Wilful destruction, improper use/application or use other than for the intended purpose, overloading or accidental damage
  • Damage as a result of soiling by animals, heat sources and climatic conditions
  • Placing damp or sharp-edged objects on the surfaces
  • Damage resulting from incorrect mounting, the use of inappropriate tools, fittings or masonry work
  • Improper cleaning or attempts at repair or improvement work
  • Build-up of mould/swelling damage in new buildings, e.g. due to extremely high air humidity/poor air circulation or items of furniture placed too close to walls
  • Parts that are subject to wear, such as light bulbs, fluorescent tubes and other illuminants (except LEDs), as well as transformers and similar components, electrical or electronic ballasts and electronic touch-sensitive switches, even if they are permanently installed, are excluded from the warranty/guarantee conditions

Please keep these assembly instructions and information brochure in a safe place.

Furniture manufactured in industrial environments is subject to certain tolerances as a result of the processes and materials used in its production. These include slight deviations in colour, structure, application and glass properties, for example, which fall within the scope of nationally and internationally applicable standards. These properties, which are typical of the goods concerned, do not represent material defects unless they have an effect on usage, function, application, safety or service life.

If you still have a legitimate complaint concerning the structure/composition of the furniture, please get in touch with the relevant furniture store directly.

We hope you enjoy your new piece of furniture.

Rauch Möbelwerke GmbH