Storage space for you

With the 20UP SCALE hinged door wardrobe system, you can bring storage space into your home in its most beautiful form. Customised to your exact requirements.

With open and closed units and great extras, you can create a hinged-door wardrobe that is guaranteed to suit you! The individual units are joined together using the add-on principle... endlessly... even around corners... just as you need it!

Corner cupboard
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Find your personalised wardrobe shape


With 20UP SCALE, it's up to you: you decide what shape your wardrobe should have. You design your own storage space and utilise all the options: spacious corner wardrobe, wardrobe with integrated shelves for the home office, make-up area in the wardrobe or a front with a mix of hinged doors and drawers. Many things are possible - simply combine them to suit your needs.

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The right look


You can customise the carcass of your wardrobe and its front by choosing your favourite from 8 different carcass colours. And then decide on one of our numerous front colours. Of course, you can also mix the colours and equip your wardrobe with different coloured hinged doors. You also decide on the material finish: matt
decor, high gloss, coloured glass, wood decor or mirror. You decide what suits you!

Your wardrobe. Your choice.

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Customised configuration

You can choose your front look from a wide range of colours and different material versions. The palette includes 20 front and 8 carcase colours and ranges from attractive decor print surfaces to modern glass and mirror surfaces. Even multi-coloured front designs are possible with 20UP-Scale.

Corner, shelf and wardrobe elements as well as a dressing table insert can be added according to your personal requirements. With extra strong designer doors and drawers as well as illuminated mirror doors, you can create the most modern front looks. This makes the wardrobe an absolute highlight of your interior design.

Zum Konfigurator
Colour - Beige
Colour - Black
Colour - wood pattern
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Our extras


If you have decided on 20UP SCALE and have already created the design, the question now is whether it could be a little more... With our extras , your wardrobe gets a little design upgrade. Take a look at our range and decide which addition makes sense for you.

DESIGN DOORS and DESIGN DRAWER BOXES make your 20UP SCALE wardrobe a real eye-catcher. You can choose the particularly thick, handleless door panels and drawer fronts with push-to-open function in the two fine decor prints Atlantic oak and Neapolis. They create an exciting contrast and make your wardrobe front look even more vibrant.

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Glass frame doors

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With GLASS FRAMED DOORS , you can turn your 20UP SCALE wardrobe into a modern dressing wardrobe. Whether you use the tinted and transparent fronts across the entire surface or combine them with closed decorative and solid wood doors (available with 20UP WOOD) is entirely up to you. The result is an exclusive look for the bedroom or dressing room and you have a full view of your entire wardrobe, which is skilfully showcased with the high-quality glass frame doors . Take a look at our range and decide which addition makes sense for you.

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MIRRORED DOORS with side lighting draw everyone's attention. You can open the handleless doors elegantly with the push-to-open function.

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Integrate a SCHMINKPLATZ into your 20UP SCALE cabinet. Equipped with an illuminated mirror, practical drawers, two USB ports and a power socket, you can relax and prepare for your day here.

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Endlessly expand


The hinge-door wardrobes in the 20UP SCALE range can be extended almost endlessly.

Basic and extension units can be joined together... endlessly... and even around corners thanks to a corner unit solution.

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Extensive range of accessories


Whether clothes rails, shelves or drawer inserts - the spacious interior of the 20UP SCALE wardrobes leaves plenty of room for your personal treasures. All wardrobes are fitted with two shelves and one clothes rail per wardrobe unit as standard.

For even more organisation: treat yourself to the convenience of optimal interior fittings from the extensive range of accessories, tailored to your needs.


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Customised solutions


With our 20UP SCALE customisation service, you can be sure that we make clever use of every nook and cranny. And get the maximum storage space for you - to the centimetre!

Find out more →


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Stylish all round

Bed - wardrobe
Bed - wardrobe - bedside table
Desk - chest of drawers
Bed - Corner wardrobe - Bedside table
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Complete your look with a chest of drawers, bed and bedside table, perfectly coordinated with your wardrobe.

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Excellent ...

Our quality and value promise

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Made in Germany - seal of quality
Wardrobe - White - Sloping roof

20UP SCALE - Type range

Our overview lists all the individual elements in the 20UP family. This gives you a quick and detailed overview and lets you know which design options you have for each element.

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