Perfectly equipped!

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Organise yourself in your new cupboard! With our accessories for the 20UP family, you can create your very own organisation.


You receive shelves and clothes rails as standard, but you can easily expand this practical equipment to suit your needs. The choice is yours!

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Your wardrobe. Your order.

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Ready for an upgrade? If you want more, you can easily upgrade your 20UP wardrobe. Whether it's interior lighting with a motion detector, extra drawers, a clothes lift, trouser or tie rack. The choice is huge and guarantees you an interior that is sure to suit your personal sense of tidiness.

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Interior with style.


Everything at a glance: With the extendable trouser rack, you always have an overview and it keeps your trousers crease-free.


Attached to the wardrobe carcase and ready to show off your wardrobe in the best light.


Practical for high wardrobes: you can reach the clothes lift with just one hand movement - and pull shirts & co. down to you effortlessly.


These inserts give your interior additional structure with extra drawers.


Thanks to the integrated motion detector, it lights up automatically! So well lit, you can even distinguish black from dark blue.


A great extra for getting your outfit ready for the next day: The coat rack outside the wardrobe makes it possible.


Planned too big? No problem! With the half-half division, a wide wardrobe unit can be divided into two smaller ones in no time at all.

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